Helping clients with their video editing and animation.

The first thing we like to tell you is you really don't know how many hours it will take to complete the video editing portion of your project. Our editors are fast and equiped with the nessacery plugins and tools to complete your project, but video editing can be time consuming. Most projects have one primary editor with the project manager overseeing edits. The time table for projects can vary depending on the amount of raw footage to review, computer graphics to create and insert, and the time it takes to render, preview and finalize the timeline of the project.

Regardless of what type of video production services you may need, CKProductions can offer quick solutions and expertise to the furniture market locally or nationwide.

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Video Editing / Raw Footage

The first thing to ocour in the video editing process is the orgaznation of raw footage from the video shoot. Afterwards, the cut, pasting, retiming, color correction and other editing effects are done to make your video follow the storyboard created.

Motion Animation Services

No video is complete without some sort of graphics or text overlay. Examples of motion graphics in a video is the name and title of a person during their on-camera interview. Another example would be at the beginning when a company logo appears.

DVD Authoring and Web Formating

The final step to completing your project is preparing your video for its final destination. Some videos are made to be placed on DVD and other videos are rendered to uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo or other popular streaming video websites.

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